Crafting XP: Another Equation for Nerds (by reynjl0 / Berule)

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Due to the favorable response and some interest in the harvesting experience equation, I decided to go ahead and give crafting the same treatment. It turns out that the math is much simpler, but it goes anyways:

XP = (Q2 / Q1) x (100 + 4(Q1 - L)) x M

Q2= quality of the item that is crafted
Q1= quality that the crafting action is set to, if crafting action is a success
then Q2 = Q1, if the item is degraded then Q2 < Q1
L= your crafting level for that item
M= the number of mats used in the plan

You are level 134 in sword craft and are trying to make a medium plan q140 sword but it you get a q111 degraded sword.
XP = (111 / 140) x (100 + 4(140 - 134)) x 27 = 2654 xp

Note: 1)The equation is 100% accurate for items that do not degrade but may be off by less than 1% for partial successes due to roundings.

2) When Q2 - L > 50 , you do not get any extra experience. In other words , overcrafting by more than 50 levels caps out the experience at 300 xp per mat.

-Berrule, Guardian of Yelks, Silver Watch