Damage type done by every creature on Atys (by Sidusar)

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And now for the second part; the damage type done by every creature on Atys. Damage was gathered by wearing q10 light armor with different max resistances to all damages (6 to slash, 7 to blunt and 8 to pierce) and allowing the creature to take a few swings at me. Reason I used q10 armor was to make sure the damage reduction would be determined by the max vs values rather than by the protection factor (though for yubos those max vs values were still too high and I had to fight Ora to get a result).

arana: blunt
arma: blunt
bawaab: blunt
bodoc: blunt
bolobi: pierce
capryni: pierce
clopper: slash
cray: blunt
cuttler: pierce
frippo: slash
gingo: slash
gnoof: blunt
goari: slash
gubani: blunt
horncher: pierce
igara: slash
izam: pierce
javing: pierce
jugula: slash
lumper: blunt
madakam: blunt
mektoub: blunt
messab: blunt
najab: blunt
ocyx: pierce
ploderos: blunt
ragus: slash
raspal: pierce
rendor: blunt
shalah: pierce
timari: slash
torbak: pierce
tyrancha: pierce
varinx: slash
vorax: slash
wombai: pierce
yber: pierce
yelk: blunt
yetin: pierce
yubo: slash
zerx: slash
cute: blunt
frahar: blunt
gibbaï: blunt
cratcha: pierce
jubla: blunt
psykopla: no physical attack
shooki: blunt
slaveni: slash
stinga: no physical attack
kiban: pierce
kidinak: slash
kincher: pierce
kinrey: pierce
kipee: pierce
kipesta: pierce
kipucka: pierce
kirosta: pierce
kizoar: pierce
kizarak: pierce