Spells used by creatures (by Sidusar)

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Thank you all *bow*. Now that we have different magic resistances and protections too, I wish I could rename this thread 'protection guide' or something, resistance is apparently a misnomer. Ah well.

Anyways, here are the creatures I've found to use spells or spell-like effects:

Spells (jewelry protections work against these, so I assume resistances do as well):

cute: rot
frahar: fire
gibbai: cold
cratcha: poison
jubla: shockwave
psykopla: shockwave & electric
shooki: fire
slaveni: root
stinga: cold & root

Spell-like effects (jewelry protections do not work against these, the system info says they do but you still take the full damage, so I assume resistance doesn't work against these either):
gingo: blind
goari: electric attack
jugula: poison DoT
lumper: acid attack
madakam: madness
najab: rot attack
ocyx: fire attack
tyrancha: acid attack
vorax: fear
yber: shockwave attack
zerx: acid attack
kidinak: sleep
kincher: electric attack
kinrey: acid attack
kipee: stun
kipesta: fire attack
kirosta: poison attack
kizarak: acid attack