Immunities to afflictions of all mobs (by Sidusar)

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Being faced with loosing half of my TPs tomorrow has certainly sped up work on the last part of this guide. I'm splitting it in half for clarity purposes, this first list contains the immunities to afflictions of all mobs:

arana: move slow, attack slow
arma: move slow, attack slow
bawaab: stun, sleep
bodoc: stun, fear
bolobi: blind
capryni: root, move slow
clopper: stun, sleep, blind
cray: sleep
cuttler: fear, attack slow
frippo: none
gingo: fear, attack slow
gnoof: stun, sleep
goari: stun, sleep, blind
gubani: root, move slow
horncher: stun, sleep, blind
igara: root, move slow
izam: stun
javing: stun
jugula: move slow, attack slow
lumper: blind
madakam: stun, fear
mektoub: stun, sleep
messab: root, move slow
najab: attack slow, move slow
ocyx: sleep, fear, root, attack slow, move slow
ploderos: stun, fear
ragus: sleep
raspal: root, move slow
rendor: stun, fear
shalah: blind
timari: blind
torbak: root, attack slow, move slow
tyrancha: sleep, fear, attack slow
varinx: root, attack slow, move slow
vorax: fear, sleep
wombai: blind
yber: sleep, stun
yelk: attack slow, move slow
yetin: none
yubo: none
zerx: none
cute: root
frahar: move slow
gibbaï: none
cratcha: fear
jubla: fear
psykopla: fear
shooki: fear
slaveni: fear
stinga: fear
kiban: stun
kidinak: sleep, attack slow
kincher: stun, attack slow, move slow
kinrey: fear, sleep, root
kipee: none
kipesta: attack slow, move slow
kipucka: sleep
kirosta: blind, root
kizoar: root
kizarak: fear, sleep, root, attack slow, move slow