Harvesting XP: A mathematical analysis (by reynjl0 / Berrule)

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Have you ever wondered why you get the experience that you get for a certain foraging pull? Wonder no longer, the equation that determines experience for harvesting is elucidated below. I was harvesting, got bored, then decided to collect xp data while altering the variables independently, made a table, and used geek magic to figure it out :

Variables/Symbols Employed:
XP: experience gained for a harvesting action.
T: type of mat harvested; if basic T=1, Fine T=2, Choice T=3, Excellent T=4, Supreme T=5.
Q: quality of mat harvested; if you are pulling q100 mats then Q=100.
L: your foraging level; if you are digging in the desert and desert forage is 51, then L=51.
M: the number of mats harvested; if you get twelve mats in a pull then M=12.
E: the number of explosions/gas clouds or source deaths; if you get a poison cloud followed by a premature source exhaustion, then E=2, if you do a pull without any disasters then E=0
X: denotes multiplication

The Equation:

XP = (710 + 44.5T + 36.75(Q - L) + (64.5 + 3T)M) x (1 - 0.0982E)

44.5T means 44.5 multiplied by T. Every extra quality point above your level will give you an extra 37 experience, every quality point below your level will subtract 37 xp. Every extra basic mat will give you an extra 67 xp, but every extra supreme mat will give you an extra 79 xp. An explosion will mean that you only get 90% of the usual experience.

You are level 150 forage and pull fifteen choice q160 mats without a hitch.
XP = (710 + 44.5 x 3 + 36.75(160 - 150) + (64.5 + 3 x 3) 15) x (1 - 0.0982 x 0) = 2239 xp.

You are level 30 and pull one basic mat of q10 and have the source die on you.
XP = (710 + 44.5 x 1 + 36.75(10 - 30) + (64.5 + 3 x 1)1) x (1 - 0.0982) = 76 xp.

There are no real revelations here about how to get the best harvesting xp. Pulling the highest quality possible above your level without suffering failures is most critical. Pulling the highest quantity of mats you can without the source dying is the second most important. Pulling the best type of mat (supreme to choice) is the 3rd most important factor.

I would appreciate it if some peeps would copy the equation down and check to see that it works for them and give me feedback. I will edit this post if errors are found.