Big changes in patch 83

[ C O M B A T ]
. All double missile stanzas now has a new cost: the relative cost. In order to fine tune PvP and PvE, double missile adds a 20% cost to all actions.
. Recast timer for some auras are now of 20 mins instead of 30 mins.
. Depending on the aura, there is a 10 minutes timer (instead of 15 mins) for you to be affected again when one wears off.
. Stanza for Area of Effect (bomb, spray, ricochet) have had their power doubled, this is for damages and heal also. Except the first stanza/brick of those 3 effects, which is a bit under factor 2.
. Armors should now absorb creatures' critical damages as intended by the gameplay. Absorption values have been fine tuned. A certain amount of melee damages you receive from creatures will now be absorbed by your armors. Of course, those will vary depending on light, medium, heavy armors and their stats.
.The new absorption value are as follow:
- For light armors, the absorption range changed from 5%-15% to 5%-25%
- For medium armors, the absorption range changed from 20%-30% to 20%-40%
- For heavy armors, the absorption range changed from 45%-55% to 40%-60%

. The 2 handed melee weapons (sword, axe, pike and mace) now have differentiated characteristics, and all of them have a value. Here, the 2 handed sword is the reference for damages and speed comparison:
- Axe & mace: 20% more damage, 10% slower;
- Pike: 20% less damage, 10% faster, 20 in reach (3 others weapons have 10) that allows to lower received damages by 10%;
- Sword: has a parry bonus that allows to lower received damages by 10% (comparing to axe and mace).
Depending on the used materials, the 4 weapons:
- Reduce one's dodge from -20 to 0;
- Increase target's dodge from +20 to 0;
- Reduce target's parry from 0 to +20.
So, the effectiveness of these weapons will depend on the mobs' defence mode: those who parry will be easier to kill, and those who dodge will be harder.

. The way resistance works on jewels has been undergoing some changes. You can notably see those in your personna window 'P'. The RESISTANCE category now has more tooltips and the category PROTECTION appeared, also filled with tooltips also. They are both for jewels only.
. In a nutshell, resistance let you know if you will be hit by a spell or not and protection the reduction percentage of spell damage.
. Each jewel can have up to 3 resistances. Those resistances come from the raw materials which you use in order to craft your jewel.

.The new types of resistances (which replace the former ones) are as follow:
- Desert resistance includes fire, blind, madness
- Forest resistance includes poison, sleep, snare
- Lake resistance includes cold, shockwave, stun
- Jungle resistance includes electricity, slow, root
- Prime Roots resistance includes acid, rot, fear
. You get a bonus with the resistance of your originating ecosystem.
. When crafting jewels, in the crafting windows, the greyed stats are not used (only the 3 best are chosen). Tooltips will detail it in the craft window, also providing examples of how it works for a better understanding and making the desired/appropriate jewel.
. Former jewels will have their resistance converted to the new system when needed, they won't have any protections.
. Moreover, jewels now have 3 classes: class 1, 2, 3. Their difference relies on their durability. You will need more raw materials to make a higher class jewel.
. The class 1 jewels are already live on your server. However, the number of raw materials needed to craft them has changed. You might need more or less raw materials in order to craft some of them.

. The protection system (which is not the same thing as the resistance) has also been reworked:
- All homins share a common base protection
- Protection values specific for each civilization are added to the base values on specific magic types: 10% for generic damages, 20% for natural damages, 0% for all others
- The maximum protection percentage is 70%
- There is also maximum number of absorbed points, depending on the best skill of the character
- Generic magic damages are: Acid, Cold, Rot
- Civilization damages are: Fire (Fyros), Poison (Matis), Shockwave (Tryker), Electricity (Zorai)
- Special attacks from creatures are now absorbed by either armors for melee damages or jewels for magical damages - there are however some special attacks that are still unabsorbed, this is on purpose.

. The madness spell was not fully working as intended. When a player casted a spell under a madness effect, he didn't take his own damages as he should. This is now fixed.