Armor and shields


Crafting plan stanza for buckler

The armor and shields section gives information on bucklers, shields and medium, light and heavy armor. Bucklers and shields give all round protection and are held in the left hand. Armor protects different parts of the body and consists of up to six types of protective equipment including boots, trousers, vests, sleeves, gloves and helmets.

Various components are used for the manufacture of shields and armor. They include armor shell and armor clips for shields; and armor shell or cloth, armor clips, lining and stuffing for armor. The himin specialist to see for shield and armor crafting is the armorer.

Though the composition of the protective equipment is much the same for each of the four homin peoples, differences in the dosage and blending of the materials used, result in a different visual aspect for each civilization. It is to be noted that the color of the armor will be defined by the predominant color of the materials used during crafting. Materials used for manufacture of armor and shields are of both plant and animal origin and include wood, oil, resin, sap, fibers, shells, leather, teeth, fangs, wings, ligaments and tails.

Nai-Da Fuangi
Special order for armor
Nai-Da Fuangi
Nai-Da Fuangi needs armor
Wu Zhong
Wu Zhong wants made-to-order armor
Rite mission
La-Po Len
The old Zorai smith