Creature resistance guide (by Sidusar)

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My list of the physical resistances of all the creatures of Atys, so you know what weapon or ammo (not) to bring when hunting them. Enjoy.

arana: 50% vs blunt
arma: 50% vs pierce
bawaab: 25% vs blunt
bodoc: 50% vs blunt
bolobi: 50% vs pierce
capryni: 12% vs blunt
clopper: 25% vs slash
cray: 25% vs slash
cuttler: 50% vs slash
frippo: 12% vs pierce
gingo: 25% vs slash
gnoof: 25% vs blunt
goari: 12% vs blunt
gubani: 50% vs pierce
horncher: 50% vs slash
igara: 12% vs pierce
izam: 25% vs pierce
javing: 12% vs pierce
jugula: 50% vs pierce
lumper: 50% vs slash
madakam: 50% vs pierce
mektoub: 25% vs slash
messab: 25% vs slash
najab: 50% vs blunt
ocyx: 50% vs blunt
ploderos 50% vs slash
ragus: 12% vs pierce
raspal: 25% vs blunt
rendor: 25% vs slash
shalah: 50% vs pierce
timari: 50% vs pierce
torbak: 25% vs blunt
tyrancha: 50% vs blunt
varinx: 25% vs pierce
vorax: 70% vs all physical damage
wombai: 50% vs slash
yber: 12% vs slash
yelk: 50% vs slash
yetin: 50% vs slash
yubo: no resistances
zerx: 50% vs blunt
cute: 25% vs blunt
frahar: 25% vs slash
gibbaï: 25% vs pierce
cratcha: 12% vs pierce
jubla: 12% vs both slash and blunt
psykopla: 12% vs both slash and pierce
shooki: 12% vs slash
slaveni: 25% vs blunt
stinga: 25% vs both pierce and blunt
kiban: 25% vs pierce
kidinak: 80% vs all physical damage
kincher: no resistances
kinrey: 60% vs all physical damage
kipee: 25% vs both pierce and blunt
kipesta: 25% vs pierce
kipucka: 80% vs all physical damage
kirosta: 40% vs all physical damage
kizoar: 12% vs slash
kizarak: 50% vs all physical damage

Disclaimer: Author cannot be held responsible for any DP resulting from possible errors in this list.