Damage and healing - PVE
item base dmg max dmg base hpm max hpm max dmg/min max dmg/sec
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  • base dmg - weapon damage without 'Increase Damage' stanza, spell damage without 'Magic Amplifiers'
  • max dmg - for melee weapons 'Increase damage' is included, for spell 100% elemental power 'Magic Amplifier' is used
  • base hpm - ranged weapon without 'Hitrate+' stanza, spell without 'Magic Amplifier'
  • max hpm - for ranged weapon 'Hitrate+' is included, for spell 100% elemental speed 'Magic Amplifier' is used
  • max damage/min - for melee weapon 'Increase Damage', for ranged 'Hitrate+' and for spell 100%/100% elemental 'Magic Amplifier' is used
  • 1h sword + dagger - hit per minute is from lowest weapon (sword)
Notes In-game experience will be different because of the failed/missed/resisted/interrupted actions, but these numbers are still comparable.

For ammo use: bag holds ~2000 shots for rifle (bulk problem) / pistol (weight problem), 12 shots for launcher (15 bulk one shot) and autolauncher 36 shots (5 bulk one shot). Packer (limited only by bulk) can hold 5k shots for rifle, 12.5k shots for pistol, 33 shots for launcher, 100 shots for autolauncher.

Also, it needs to be said that mage can get even higher dps when using damage enchant on amp (insta cast, damage is multiplied as normal spell, spell cast time as 'cooldown'). Only limiting factor would be available sap crystals

PS! for mages.... group with healers if you cant keep up the dps ;-)