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Milles Dodoine

mission screenshots.

The art of harvesting #1

Well, hi! It's always nice to see a new face, and may I just say that I like yours: aerodynamic profile, sturdy air, soundly fixed on your shoulders, I even like the colour. Allow me to introduce myself, Milles Dodoine, Tryker Master, an exceptional forager and great adventurer.

So, let me guess.. you'd like to see far-off and exotic lands, and all as quickly as possible so you can earn nice sums as a reward that you will insist on refusing but that we'll force you to accept? Is that it? Great, I love it! Here we go.

Let's put aside that far-off lands, the Homins in distress and the healthy reward for now. We're going to start with the easiest task, though it's no less thrilling: excavating. Extraction is the basis for everything. You'll see, there's nothing easier!

Deposits (also know as node) pop randomly just outside the camp . To see what material it contains, just select it and start foraging. If the material is not what you looking for, then you can cancel forage action by pressing CTRL+S or just walk away from the node.
Keep checking different node's to find all the required materials.

You have two arms, a bag and a pickaxe, so you can dive in straight away. And since it's always much more useful to actually do something than talk about it, you're going to go straight off and find me some raw materials: Bundles of Basic Motega Wood, Basic Anete Fiber, Fragments of Basic Horny Shell, Basic Koorin Oils and Portions of Basic Dung Resin. You won't have to go far. About 30 metres behind me, on the other side of the barriers, there are some deposits. Off you go, and don't come back empty handed.


See, it wasn't that hard. Now, give me everything you harvested,.

It's a good start, you've managed quite well.
Before we move on, you're going to go and see the Harvest Trainer. With him you'll be able to make use of the experience you have gained foraging. Ask him to teach you the Basic Prospecting skill if you don't already have it. Without that we won't get far. Come back and see me once it's done.

The art of harvesting #2

Very good, let's move on! Do you think that to find raw materials, all you have to do is go for a walk and keep your eyes peeped ? Well you're wrong.

Sources which emerge naturally from the ground like those you found are not only rare but also very poor quality and when i say very poor quality, I'm being polite. No one will do anything with these raw materials, maybe craftsmen who are just starting out, but still. The vast majority of sources are buried deep underground, and it's up to you to bring them to the surface. That's what we call Prospecting.

Firstly, you need to know that you don't find raw material sources everywhere. Also not all sources are of the same quality or contain the same materials. Generally, the better the quality of the source, the harder it is to find. Some aren't even there all the time: they only appear in certain seasons or at certain times of the day; some even depend on the weather. But you're not at that stage yet, so let's not get carried away.

the place NPC is trying to explain, is the hill where very first NPC you talked to, 'Chiang the Strong', is.

Just be aware of the fact that the more developed you Prospecting and Extracting techniques are, the better the quality of the materials that you can harvest. It's time for you try your had at prospecting. I want you to bring me Basic Caprice seeds. Look to your right, to the north, do you see the tower perched on top of that little hill? Well you'll be able to find Basic Caprice Seeds around that tower, all you have to do is use your new Prospecting skill. Off you go.


'Accelerated Prospecting' - speeds up prospecting action, so that node appears faster. this stanza will only increase prospecting speed and not success rate.

Isn't it incredible what you can do with two hands and two feet.. and a pick. If you want you can go and sell what you've gathered, that'll earn you a few dappers.
Let's move on the next stage, I can tell you dying to know more. For the next lesson, you're going to have to go back and hassle your trainer. Don't worry, I know him, he likes it.

'Prospecting Range' - increases the distance where prospecting action can find nodes. this stanza will increase your chances to find anything at all.

Ask him to teach you Prospecting For Only Fine Materials, we can't continue the lesson without it. Make the most of it, and ask him about at least one other technique related to Prospecting, such as Accelerated Prospecting or Prospecting Range. If you don't have enough experience, train at extracting raw materials. Come back and see me once you've go all that.

The art of harvesting #3

to use your new stanzas, you can edit your prospecting action and add different stanzas there (like 'Only for Fine materials' + 'Prospecting Range'). Default premade actions are not very useful.

Perfect! Now you know how to extract and prospect raw materials. Apart from that, a good harvester must be able to develop their own extracting and prospecting techniques, and as you'll quickly realise, that's vital. Use all the prospecting techniques that you have learnt to create your own technique.

With this technique you'll have to be able to find fine-quality materials, because your next objective will be to bring me back what ? Fine-quality raw materials... well done!

You should get flag to your map and pointer to your compass.
It's tricky to find the mats there, but they are all there around the marker.
if you can find someone from region to show you the spots, then you in luck.

You'll have to find me Fine Sarina Seeds, Bundles of Fine Motega Wood and Fine Hash Ambers, all of them of fine quality. You'll find all of that a couple of hundred metres to the north-east of the camp, use your compass and you should be all right. Right, I've already said too much, it's up to you to cope now!
Get to work!


You're a pretty smart disciple, I'm glad to see it. You learn quickly, that's good. Let's continue then, no point stopping when we're doing so well. For your next lesson you're going to have to get hold of the Search for Deposit at 50 metres technique, unless you have it already. Come back and see me once you have it.

The art of harvesting #4

Good, with that you're really going to be able to be independent. Like i told you, you can't find raw materials everywhere, especially not if you're looking for a specific material. Let me give you an example: imagine you're on a ENORMOUS island, and that somewhere on this island there's a tiny, minuscule, ridiculous little source, and that you, unluckily, haven't the faintest idea where it is. What do you do ?

The first method, also known as the Fyros method, consists of shoutting, throwing your pick into the ground and then slaughtering some unfortunate passing Yubo in order to soothe your rage. The effectiveness of this method is highly debatable.

The second method, better known by the name of the method of the homin who's lost their senses, consists of dividing up the island and prospecting every two metres. It's a standard method which, I admit, can have results. But you need to be very patient and very motivated.

The third method, or the method of the homin who has finally come to their senses, consists of using the technique that you've just learnt: Searching for Deposits! Simple, fast and effective.

Searching for Deposits has nothing to do with Prospecting, this technique won't bring up sources of raw materials up to the surface. It just enables you to find a deposit.

This 'fine Zun' spot is really small, so it is tricky to find it. I suggest you to try '50m tracking' from all directions to get the better view where exactly it is. Try prospecting near the area (keeping area in front of you, each time moving just a little bit). You have limited range and no real angle (stanza you can use later), so it may take quite some time to pop the zun.

It's time to put you to the test. Near to the camp, less than a hundreds metre past the barriers, there's a Fine Zun Amber deposit. The deposit isn't very big, but with your new technique you shouldn't have any trouble finding it. So i want you to bring me back a Fine Zun Amber sample. Off you go, and good luck!


Excellent! I was a bit worried that you'd resorted to the Fyros method. But you've obviously managed really well. Given your progress we're going to be able to increase the difficulty of your missions, and start looking for more interesting materials.

The Shattered ruins #1

You will now be able to explore a new region: Shattered ruins. All around the ruins of the ancient city of Silan, you will be able to find many sources of raw material better than you've been able to extract so far. But it's not just about finding them; you also have to be able to extract them. If you don't have what you need, go and see the trainer, he'll teach you the appropriate technique.

Oh, I almost forgot a small detail, nothing major, but it's better than I let you know. There are some bugs in that area that are slightly lacking in the friendliness department: Javings and Gingos. If you get too close to them, they won't hesitate to attack you. So unless you've got bulging biceps and something to split skulls with, I advice you to be very careful and to learn how to zigzag between dangerous area. Or else you can find yourself some brawny escorts to protect you.

There you go, that's everything. Now you just have to head over there and find me some lovely, quality materials that'll have your co-harvesters drooling. You'll find everything you need within the ruins of the city of Silan.


Good work. You can keep your loot; do what you want with it.

The Shattered ruins #2

Have i already told you about the appalling fate of the city of Silan? No, well it's high time I did. A long time ago, when homin refugees emerged from the Prime Roots... actually, perhaps you don't know why the homins emerged from the Prime Roots, nor why they went there in the first place ?!

Okay, let's start at the beginning. A very very long time ago, homins were living quite happily when those big-muscled, tiny-brainned Fyros had the bright idea of going and fiddling about in the bowels of atys. To tell the truth, I don't really know what they were looking for, but I know what they found: the worst plague we've ever known, the Kitin. The Kitin, a pretty bloodthirsty bunch of creatures, didn't really feel like making the homins their friends, so hordes of them surged out of the depths of Atys, through the hole opened up by the Fyros.

That's when things started to get serious. The homins were relentlessly tracked and slaughtered by the Kitin. The survivors fled to the Prime Roots and hid. Many of them continued to perish. The homins survived as best they could for years until the day they discovered the new lands, far from those we had fled. The first land they emerged onto was this island.

Since then, a continuous stream of refugees has followed in their footsteps. When the Matis arrived here they were in a hurry to build a new city. Of course, as it's in their nature to want to do more than everyone else and quicker, they tried to install a system that would bring them large quantities of raw materials, without them having to lift a finger.
That's when they had the brilliant idea of transforming plants into natural extractors, a brilliant idea which turned against them, and turned their city into ruin's.

A rather tragic story, which to tell the truth, makes me laugh more than cry. The Matis are crazy; they think they're better and more intelligent than everyone else. Most of them still can't admit that their experiment was a mistake. Furthermore, in the pat the Matis enslaved my people. So I wouldn't give them the honour of pitifying the terrible fate of their city.

There is some crates in the ruins that you can target and attack (they are named 'crate' from far and 'caisse' after you target them).

For them it's a tragedy, for me it's a windfall because those ruins are still overflowing with forgotten treasures. So it's time for you to give treasure hunting a go, you'll see, nothing is more exciting. Go and nose around in the ruins and steal everything you can.


What a magnificent object! I must admit that the Matis are really skilled at crafts. It deserve a good reward. Take this.

The Shattered ruins #3

Excellent, we're going to continue exploring the rest of Silan. There are still lots of things to nick from those traitorous Matis. Let's not deprive ourselves. This time I'd like you to be our scout.
When Silan was still habitable, a big tower dominated the city: the Throne room. That's where the Matis powers handed down their judgements. To tell the truth, I don't really care what they did there, but I reckon that a building like that must have contained some pretty nice treasures, and that now that's very interesting.

if you get to the mission area ('Throne room' on map), then mission should update with new objectives.

And where you've got treasures, you've got pillaging. However, I don't really know what remains fo the tower. With a bit of luck the foundations have held up, meaning not everything has been buried. The tower, or at least what remains of it, is to the north of the city. Go there to see what kind of condition it's in, and then come back and report to me. But be careful, it's a dangerous area.


Dappers, lots of dappers! We'll be able to file our pockets with dappers. What marvellous news! You've don't a good job. Thank you, thank you Jena, and thank you to the Matis for all the beautiful treasure that we'll be able to gather.
There's no job better than that of an explorer, and no job more lucrative either.

The Merry harvester #1

You have more than proved yourself, and that's a good thing. I've got more than enough motivated beginner explorers, more than i know what to do with really. The problem is that I need someone competent. In fact, that's not realy a problem since you're exactly what I'm looking for.

I've already told you about Silan and the work the Matis carried out on plants. Actually we also carried out experiments on plants that we brought from far away. The difference between us and the Matis, is that we ad the presence of mind not to do it on our doorstep. We carried out our experiments on and isolated island to the north-west of here.

make sure you not limiting your prospecting to 'fine' grades, because 'Plain Dead Leaf' effective grade is basic.

We ran into a problem too: out experimentation ground was invaded by Cray's. So it's difficult for us to get there now. I'm going to ask you to go there and get samples of our work: Plain Dead Leafs, and i know that you'll be more than happy to help. Thank you, thank you so much.

If you still in combat (melee or range), then before you can get to water, you need to exit combat by pressing F6

Perhaps you're thinking that this mission is going to be dangerous because of the presence of Cray's. Don't worry, as long as you don't provoke them the Cray's won't attack you. That said, I've got a bit of advice for you which could save you a lot of trouble. If you should be attacked by a Cray, jump into the water, you can be sure that they won't follow you.

tip: 'Acceleration' ('Speeding Up Power 1') is available from all trainers from level 20. I suggest you use your Fight skill points to get this skill, that is if you want to get it this early on.

Furthermore, there's a technique that you can get from your trainer that's called Acceleration and which makes you run very, very fast - it could be very useful to you. Off you go now, good luck, try to come back in one piece!


Not only did you find the Plain Dead Leafs, but you also came back in one piece. Honestly, I didn't think you'd be crazy enough to go there. I think that Jena must be keeping an eye on you.

The Merry harvester #2

Have you notices the presence of a group of bandits in the north of our little island? They're the Cholorogoos, they're absolutely nuts. They infect plants like Slaveni or Cratcha with Goo, and then they harvest the results and inject themselves with it during terrifying rituals! In case you didn't know, the Goo is an evil which is contaminating Atys. It progresses slowly but we can't stop it. These bandits, the Cholorogoos, are ruining the region, they attack anyone who has the bad idea of venturing there, they're a real menace.
Furthermore, they infect the unfortunates they take prisoner with their damned drug. I won't tell you what kind of state they end up in.

There is Goo spots all around bandit camp. You need to find those that you can target and get close enough without being attacked. Then you can activate the device.

Anyway, I don't think we'd be able to take them on in a fight, but I do know a way of ruining their lives. And I'm giving this mission to you, what an honour! You have to find Goo spots near their camp and then pour on a little bit of our concoction: it's a product we use to dry out our mixtures. Just a few drops are enough to pollute the Goo. So do me favour and use up this whole flask, they shouldn't be able to use their drug any more.


It worked? Amazing! It's probably not enough to rid us of them, but at least imagining them faced with unusable Goo gives me a good laugh!

You've done a lot for us Trykers, and it's been an immense pleasure for me to work with you and teach you what I know. Accept this modest gift as a thank you for all your efforts, it's the least i can do for you.

This is where we part ways, but I'm not worried about you. I think you'll make an excellent harvester. Don't lose your curiosity or your courage and you'll go far. Right, that's enough of the heart-breaking goodbyes or else I'll be in tears again. Go on, off you go.

Oh, i forgot, you should go and see the Karavan, they're sure to have some interesting mission for you.

Sterga Hamla

mission screenshots.

A future artisan #1

What have we here? A new arrival. Let me introduce myself: my name is Sterga Hamla, I am the representative of the Matis people on this accursed island. Look around you at this miserable camp that we're jammed into, lodged under the same sign as the other homin tribes. A prisoner of this island, I'm obliged to rub shoulders with the Fyros, barbarians of the desert who swear by arms, the Trykers, a sub-race that were once a Matis slaves and the Zora, mystical crazies and followers of Ma-Duk.

But my people, the proud Matis people, assigned to me the weighty task of reaching the crafts to any homin who wishes to be taught, regardless of their race. If you think that it is possible to rebuild a civilisation by the sword alone, then I can do nothing for you, you've go the wrong person. But if you're really here to learn about crafts, I will make it my duty to teach you. The Matis have been able to prove their superiority to other peoples thanks to their refinement and intelligence. We are great builders and know better than anyone how to use our hands to make civilised objects out of crude materials.

Come on then! I warn you, I don't like wasting my time, you'll have to be conscientious.

Before trying anything complicated, show me that you're capable of something easy: make me a pair of boots. You have the necessary tool and even the most stupid of homins can do it. Take these raw materials, they're poor quality but they have the advantage of being suitable for absolutely any kind of object. Complete this task and then come back and see me.


Good, but there's not really much to be proud of, the needlework is coarse and the overall quality is pretty mediocre. That said, everyone has to start somewhere, you're only just learning and I didn't expect any better from a first try. We can start your training.

A future artisan #2

To craft good-quality object, it's not enough to have the right tool or even the skill. The first concern of every craftsman is finding good raw materials. Obviously these have to correspond to the type of object that you want to make: for example, to create padding for a piece of armour you can use oil, but wood or bark will never be any good. So before starting to make anything, be sure you've got all the necessary materials. There are three ways of getting raw materials: by going to a specialised merchant, by cutting up creatures that you have hunted, or by digging into the ground.

Let's see if you're capable of getting all the raw materials needed to create a particular object. Since you've proven that you know how to make boots, we'll continue in the same vein. Take this money, go and see raw materials merchant and buy what you need to make a pair of boots from him. Craft the boots and bring them back to me. You see, it's easy? I'll wait for you.


You seem to be brighter than I thought. You were all to gather the right materials. Never neglect this stage, it' essential. Lean how to tell the difference between materials, test them to observe the results, and remember that the properties of a material differ according to where it came from. For example Pilan oil doesn't have the same properties as Gulatch Oil, likewise, a Yubo bone doesn't have the same properties as a Capryni bone. That is very important.

'Yoh Yawh' is Harvester Trainer near Milles Dodoine

Okay, let's move on. As i said before, there are three ways of getting hold of raw materials: buying them, finding them in the ground, or taking them from dead creatures. It's time for you to try the second mater: harvesting, because I don't think that an artisan can work properly without knowing something about this area. So I suggest that before we continue with your training, that you go and see my Trykers counterpart, Yoh Yawh, so that he can teach you the basics of harvesting, i.e. prospecting and extracting. Don't worry, it shouldn't take too long. You'll come back and see me afterwards.

Rebuilding the future #1

This knowledge won't be useless to you, far from it. From now on you'll be able to get the raw materials necessary for your work, without spending any money, and without depending on others. The last method, let me remind you, is hunting. So I strongly recommend that you develop you fighting skills, through magic, or through the wielding of weapons.
My Fyros and Zorai counterparts are there to train you. In addition to the fact that hunting will enable you to acquire new raw materials, being skilled at fighting will ensure you survival in these hostile lands. It's up to you whether or not to follow my advice, if you're on a death wish that's your problem. To tell the truth, I wash my hands of it.

there is just 'pants' and then there is 'caster pants'. Caster pants look like 'skirt', so 'trousers' means just 'pants'.

Good, let's move on. You have the skills to craft pieces of armour, and that's good. Therefore you should be able to craft trousers. But i very much doubt that, unless you had the presence of mind to get a Trousers Plan from a trainer. For as you'll have realised, technique alone isn't enough, you also need the plan for the object you want to create.

It's high time you put your skills to good use, and we're going to need craftsmen capable of making trousers. So I'm going to ask you to get this Trousers Plan from a craft trainer. It's very likely that you don't have the necessary experience to do this, so you'll have to learn how to make what you can, boots for example. As for raw materials, sort the out yourself, you should know how to do it by now. Come back and see me with the plan and i'll give you mission.

You probably know that we are rebuilding out civilisation. The Fyros' stupidity once drew this scourge to us: the Kitins. You have not lived this gloomy episode of out history, you are way too young. The Homins who survived the massacre fled to the Prime Roots. Those with less luck survived and roamed in search of a land that would welcome them.
Today we are resurfacing on these new lands to reconstruct what we have lost. And it is in this camp that we are training the next builders.

Out armies are in constant need of weapons and armour, unfortunately you are not skilled enough to support out war effort. But it'll come, at least i hope so. In the meantime, you are going to help us produce the equipment necessary for the refugees who, like you, are resurfacing. Let's take advantage of what you can do: boots and trousers.
Make five pairs of boots and five pairs of trousers, and bring them back to me. As for raw materials, I am going to provide you with what you need. If it is not sufficient, you know how to fill your stocks.


Well done, that's a good start. I'm really beginning to think that you're someone useful. Now we'll be able to go at a faster pace.

Rebuilding the future #2

We're going to continue to take advantage of your skills. But first you're going to get the Crafting Option for HP Boost 1 from a craft trainer. I'll explain what it's used for once you've got it. If you don't have the required experience to get this option, you know what you have to do: train.
Come back and see me once you have it.

to use HP Boost stanza in crafting, you first need to edit your craft plan by right clicking on craft icon that's in your hands bar and then select edit.

That's perfect. The option that you've just got hold of can be used at the same time as any crafting technique, and gives and extra power to the object that you're creating: it strengthens the constitution of whoever is using it. You can now craft boots or trousers with this power.

You're now going to use it to craft new pairs of boots, and new pairs of trousers. But this time, it's up to you give the community the benefit of your creation, by selling it to a merchant. That will give you the chance to discover the lucrative aspect of the craft industry for yourself. Go now and then come back and see me once it's all done.


I've really underestimated you. You do good work and you seem to have mastered the basics of the craft. But you've still a long way to go before you'll be a master in the subject. However, I'm sure that you determination will help you achieve that goal.

The secrets of Silan #1

The time has come for you to get a bit more involved in out business. I think that I can trust you. Now it's up to you to decide if you want to work for the Matis people.

I know that i could count on you. I think that we're going to be able to do great things together. Until now we've been working to rehabilitate the refugees who occupy this camp. It's high time we left that thankless task to beginners, and devoted ourselves to rebuilding the great Matis civilisation.

I'm going to tell you about the city of Silan, whose ruins lie here, on this island. We the homins began to head up towards these new lands, leaving their hiding places in the Prime Roots, many of them were still very scared.

They were paralysed by the fear of once again undergoing the bloody encounter which had decimated them. They had been hidden for many years and didn't know how to do anything else. Many had lost their fighting spirit and their pride. This most contemptible of weaknesses is the antithesis of the Matis nature.

I grant you however, that amount the weak there were also some Matis, who proved by this that they were not fit to sever out civilisation. The only tomb i can give them is that of being forgotten.

So when they arrived on this island, the Matis left the weak to their tears and began to rebuild a city: Silan. But we wanted to do it too well, we tried to manipulate plants in order to make them into extractors of raw materials.
An absolutely brilliant idea which ended in fiasco: unexpected mutations appeared. The plants didn't extract satisfactory quantities and became uncontrollable, aggressive and destructive. There weren't enough of us to contain the scourge and we had to abandon our city.

Today Silan is nothing but ruins and the plants that are responsible are still there, fewer than before but still present.
The Zorai have joined forces with us to retake control of the ruins. Their aim is to eradicate this mutant species, ours is to be able to get to the ruins retrieve our property. It's as simple as that, everyone's come together.

All of which brings us to your next mission. The most effective technique for beating these plants is a Rot spell. This means that the best people for this mission are magicians, and for a magician to be effective, they must have magic amplifiers.

suggestion to 'find a team' is just that. Team is not required, but it may make it a lot easyer

So we'll begin by gathering the raw materials needed to make them. To begin with, we're going to concentrate on the first constituent part of a Glove, which we call Arrow, and for that I advise you to find either bark or Javing bones. In both case you'll find what you need around the ruins. But be careful of the Javing, they're dangerous creatures; if you choose to do this it may be in your interest to find some team mates.


Very good, put all that aside for now, you'll need it very soon. You work fast and well, so let's not hang around. Let's move on to the next stage.

The secrets of Silan #2

The two other constituent parts of a magic glove, are what we call the Grip and the Magic Concentration. For the grip, I recommend you find either Yelk skin of fibre.
As for the magic concentration, you have a choice between Yelk mushrooms and amber, and you'll need more of it that of the rest.

For your information, and in case you decide on hunting to find the raw materials, Yelks are omnivores that, if truth be told, eat a bif of everything and anything. Their solid shell covers a whole micro-vegetation, including the mushrooms which might interest you.
Be careful of the Yelks, they aren't aggressive but they hide a nasty surprise. When a Yelk dies it releases a toxic cloud. When you kill a Yelk, wait until this could disappears before carving it up, and, obviously it's better to attack from a distance. Now go and find what I've asked you for.


That's perfect, now you have all the materials you need to create magic amplifiers. The last stage, as you know, will be to craft them.

The secrets of Silan #3

But perhaps you lack the skill to gain experience through work, and acquire the necessary techniques from a trainer. If that's the case, you know what to do.
For information's sake, crafting magic amplifiers requires the Melee Weapons Crafting skill, and the Magic Amplifiers Plan. Now go and bring me back three pairs.


Very good. Three pairs of gloves might not seem like a lot, but if all my disciples were as efficient as you, we'd soon have enough to cause problems fo those parasitic plants. And now I've one last mission to entrust to you my dear, loyal apprentice.

The secrets of Silan #4

I think that the best method for beating the enemy, is to first get to know them. If we could analyse some samples of these plants, we could find an effective way of eradicating them.
So that's your mission: to bring me samples. If you don't feel you're up to confronting the Slaveni alone, don't hesitate to join up with other homins. Near the ruins, you shouldn't have any problems finding magicians in the service of the Master Zorai to help you.


Magnificent, you have been a model disciple throughout. You have my wholehearted gratitude, and that of the Matis people. If you continue on this path you could become a powerful ally of our people.

These samples are priceless for us. We could certainly use them to eradicate this scourge which we gave birth to. But the Zorai seem to have the situation in hand, and I trust them to deal with it without our help. They're so frightened of these mutant Slavenis propagating, that their fighting spirit has increased tenfold.

I have a much better use in mind for these samples, which you so valiantly acquired. By analysing them my people;'s scientists will be able to begin their work again without committing the errors of the past. Don't worry, we will be extremely vigilant, and you can rest assured that this time we will achieve the desired result: the creation of a docile and productive plant.

These samples must leave for Yrkanis quickly, Find Aryu Ken in the camp, he's on of ours and regularly makes return trips to our capital. Give him what you've gathered: he'll take care of getting it to our researchers. But most importantly, make sure that the Master Zorai doesn't find out. We have to let him think that we're working towards the same goal. Go quickly now.

Nomis Merclao:

You preferred to bring them to me, than to support that crazy plan! The wisdom and courage that you have demonstrated, does you honour.
However I'm afraid that the Matis will achieve their goal. You had the strength of spirit to oppose them, but you aren't the only one to have served them, and others may not have made the same decision as you.

But you can't do anything about that. Be proud of your actions, and rest assured of the esteem in which the Zorai hold you. I'm not criticising the Matis, I know they aren't all treacherous, just as I know that not all Zorai are wise. That's just the way things are on Atys! There's nothing we can do. Now, give me these samples so that i can destroy them, and take this as a token of our people's respect. Be on your way, and may Ma-Duk protect you.

Nomis Merclao, Sage

mission screenshots.

First steps in magic #1

Greetings stranger, it's always a pleasure to see new faces No doubt my appearance intrigues you: I belong to the Zorai people. My people, were the first to have known those noble creatures, the Kami, and we have remained very close to them. In addition, the masks that I and those like me wear are proof of their teaching.

Like the Kami, we Zorai are intimately connected to Atys' magical forces. If you have the patience and the desire to learn how to master these forces, I would be happy to guide you in your quest for knowledge. Good Homin, let us continue.

Excellent, let's get starter! The first thing you need to know is that a magician's powers are fed by sap Sap is the vital energy of Atys: it's the very essence of your planet. Sap is life, and everything on Atys is life: you, me, the friend who fight by your side, the enemy that you're setting about, the tree that shelters you from the rain, the ground that you trample underfoot. Everything!

These notions may seem rather abstract to you, but they are essential. As a magician, you will have to learn how to control the sap, to draw your powers from it. The stronger your hold over the sap, the more powerful you spells will be.

'heal yourself' mean to either use 'self heal' actions (if you have them) or take a break from fight and wait for healt/sap to regenerate. if you sit down (INSERT key), then it goes quicker.
You can not use 'heal life' (and others) to heal yourself.. those are used to heal other people.

You have within you, like all homins, and innate spell: the Acid Damage spell, which means you're able to fight your enemies by burning their skin. Before moving onto serious stuff, you have to master this elementary spell. So I'm going to ask you to go and train against Yubos. These little herbivores aren't aggressive, which doesn't mean, of course, that they don't defend themselves. So be careful, heal yourself between fight and avoid attacking more than one Yubo at a time.

You'll find Yubos near the camp. Off you go now. pay heed to these first bits of advice, and come back and see me once you've completed your task.


You have just successfully completed your first mission. I can see that you're perfectly capable of tackling more complex subjects. We can move on to the next stage now.

First steps in magic #2

Let's put the magic aside for a moment while we tackle a more general problem. No matter what your field of expertise, whether its magic, craftsmanship, foraging or fighting, the only way to progress is practice. For example, the more you use your sword in combat, the more experience you will gain in this field. Once you've gained enough experience you can go and see a trainer who will be able to teach you new techniques, or new powers. You'll find trainers in all towns and villages.

You must also have gained experience in magic during the mission you've just completed. So I advise you, if you haven't already done so, to go and see a magic trainer so that he can teach you new skills. Come back and see me once you've done so.

If I could just give you one bit of advice, you should, for starters, ask the trainer to strengthen your constitution and sap skills, you'll definitely need them. Also, it would be wise to get hold of Heal Life spell: it will enable you to treat your fellow homins. You'll soon see that cooperation can be beneficial in hostile lands. Now, you're free to choose whether or not to follow my advice.


You need Acid 2 or Cold 2 spell. You also need level 10 in magic. Kill more Yubo's if you lack skill points for it.

Excellent! No point wasting time, let's move on to serious stuff, only I'm afraid that you're still lacking in experience. In addition, the attack spell that you're currently using is a bit weak. Go and train in the forest until you have enough experience to get a more powerful attack spell. Come back and see me once you have it.

Birth of a magician #1

You need Acid 2 or Cold 2 spell. You also need level 10 in magic. Kill more Yubo's if you lack skill points for it.

No appropriate spell: Perhaps you feel powerful enough to move on, but as I have already told you, you are going to need a level2 fighting spell. Get on and come back to me after.

Good. What I'm going to teach you now is of crucial importance.
Know that you can develop you own techniques and powers from what you have learned from the trainers.
A good mage has to prepare his/her own spells.

Use the spells the trainers taught you, practice the creation of your own spells and if you feel the need for it, go try out these new techniques in the forest, this way you will be able to figure out those that are the most efficient. Come back and see me when you feel ready.


Very good, I hope you've realised how important it is to be able to develop your own techniques. Since you seem to be ready, let's move on to the next stage.

Birth of a magician #2

I'm pleased to see how interested you are in magic.
Knowledge of it can make you a powerful magician.
That said, don't think that it's easy to become a magician or that there's no danger involved.
To get the most out of the sap, a magician must not cover himself with cumbersome armour. That would considerably reduce his magic powers, which obviously makes him more vulnerable.
So you'll soon realise how useful it is to have an escort of warriors when in hostile lands.

Mission send you to Hunting Grounds, but too few Rendors there. Most of the Rendors live near Ruins. Make sure you get the right ones.
Counter might be bugged and only update after you have killed enough. If you in group, remember that one kill counts for one team member only.

Now it's up to you to put this lesson into practice. In the region known as the Hunting Ground you'll find creatures which are a lot more powerful than the Yubos that you've just fought: I'm talking about Rendors.
Their skin is as impenetrable as tree bark and with their powerful legs they can trample their enemies violently under foot.
I'm asking you to go and kill ten. Like i said, Rendors are dangerous, so find yourself one or more companions who know how to handle a sword and then go and complete this test as a team.
Come back and see me once you've completed your mission.


I'm very happy to see that you're making great progress. The task that you've just completed was not easy but you did brilliantly. I'm proud of you.
We can continue your training. Now I'm going to teach you how to establish magical connections with your enemy. You'll need to know how to do that for the Root spell.

Alas, I see you do not have the rooting spell yet. Go get it from the trainer and if you do not have enough skill points, you know what you have to do: go back and train in the forest.
You should return to me once you have it.


Good, we can move on.

Birth of a magician #3

Many of the magic powers that you'll use will involve creating mystic links connecting you and your target. These links are powerful, but fragile, and only last as long as your will is concentrated.
Changing your course of action, or even moving, will break the link. Remember that.

'Root' spells are a good example of this.These spells enable you to summon up roots which, coming out of the depths of Atys, grab onto your target and immobilise them, so that in the meantime you can direct fight spells at them. When you face an adversary who you know you don't be able to beat with weapons, use this magic - it will keep them at a distance, buying your time and sparing you a tragic fate.

It's not necessary to use 'Root spell' in this mission, you just need to kill 10 Newborn Javings in any means you can.

There are creatures known as the Javing in the Shattered ruins. These flying creatures bat their wings frenziedly and are swift to strike out with their talons. They are unequalled when it comes to disarming even the most experienced of swordsmen. Learn how to use magic links and help us to rid our lands of some of those dangerous vultures. You are, of course, free to call on team mates.


Using magic links isn't easy, but they're very useful spells, especially when used in a team. For example, the Root spell can help you keep and enemy away from the most vulnerable members of your team, such as healers or offensive magicians.

Now we're going to put your skills at the service of our people. Your next mission will be to clean the ruins of the city of SIlan by eliminating the plants that have invaded it. To do this, you'll need a Rot spell, you'll soon see that the spell is particularly effective against all kinds of plants.

Good, we can move on.

In the service of people

As you will have notices with the Rot spell and the Acid spell, there are different kinds of offensive magic - soon you'll find out about others such as Fire and Cold.
You will also discover that your enemies have their own strengths and weaknesses. Plants, for example, are sensitive to the Rot spell, but the vast majority of animals are either only slightly affected by it or not affected at all. So use your spells wisely.

Getting back to our main problem: the city of Silan.

This city, formerly Matis, fell victim to its residents' madness. The Matis have little respect for the environment which supports them and don't hesitate to exploit and manipulate nature. This point is the main subject of discord between our two peoples. We Zorai, like the Kami, venerate nature and do everything in our power to protect it.

A long time ago, the residents of the city of Silan tried to manipulate plants in order to extract substances buried deep under the Atysian ground. This experiment turned against them: they weren't able to control the mutations which gave birth to these more aggressive and more invasive plants. The result was the destruction of their city.
The interests of the Zorai and the Matis have now come together because of that tragedy: the Zorai don't want this mutant to breed and upset the balance of plantlife on Atys, and the Matis want to be able to enter the ruins of Silan to get back their property. So we're going to help them to wipe out those mutant plants.

Go to the ruins of Silan and use your rot spell to finish off fifteen Slavenis. Complete this mission and then come back and see me. Good luck!


Good, but i would like you to be aware of an important concept which the Zorai people hold dear. A Zorai does not kill fo pleasure or glory. The Zorai people, like all races on Atys, are part of a whole, of a fragile equilibrium. We have our place in the world, and it's natural for us to safeguard it: to do so, we hunt in order ot eat and we fight to defend ourselves.
But we must keep our minds from any murderous intent, we must remain humble and understand that the domination of one race or people over another can only lead to imbalance and the destruction of Atys.

The Matis have never understood this, they're hungry for power and believe themselves superior to the other races on Atys. Beware of them, don't lapse into their madness and learn to respect the environment which supports you.

It's time to move onto the next stage. For you next lesson you will need the Fear spell.

Good, let's continue.

In the service of people #2

We've already tackled affliction spells by looking at the Root spell. Today we're going to look at another: the Fear spell.

Affliction spells enable a magician to handicap his enemy: to blind him, paralyse him, frighten him or even as we've already seen, root them.

The Fear spell can be a great help when a fight is going badly.
When you cast this spell at an enemy, they are seized by a terrible fear and take flight. But the spell doesn't last long and once it's worn off you can be sure that your adversary will be on the attack again.
While the spell is working, you can take advantage of it either to strike your enemy from a distance or to retreat.
So it's a very useful spell when you are alone.

By the ruins of Silan you'll find creatures known as Yelks who have particularly nourishing flesh. Yelks are omnivores and peaceful creatures, but they are very capable at defending themselves.
The real danger with these creatures is the toxic gas that is released when they die. So it's wise to keep at a safe distance when fighting them, especially when they're on the point of dying. It's in a case such as this that a fear spell can be useful. When you see that the creature is in agony, use your Fear spell and finish it off from a distance.

This test will give us a chance to fill up our stock of meat. Go back to the ruins of Silan and bring me ten pieces of Yelk meat.


Perfect, you've done a good job. You're really starting to understand our art. Your magic skills are increasing and your ability to use them is improving by the day.
I'm glad to see that my teaching is bearing fruit.
Let's continue our effort and move on to the next lesson.

We've studied Atysian Missile Spells, i.e. offensive spells, which enable you to strike your enemy, we have also looked at Affliction Spells, which allow you to handicap your enemy, now let's look at Celestial Missile Spells.

In the service of people #3

Celestial Missile Spells are the basis of healing magic. For example, they enable you to treat your allies, give them back their vigour or replenish their sap. Defensive magic is vital if a team is to work well.

The Restore Life spell, that you must most probably possess and about which I've already talked to you, belongs to this spell category. Of course, it's not the only one. Healing magic is a noble calling for a magician, as they then become responsible for the health and smooth running of their team. It's a heavy responsibility.

The mission that I am going to give you is particularly dangerous, and it would be suicidal to go alone. Make use of what I've just taught you: put together a group and make sure it includes a healer magician. If you want to, and if you felt up to it, you could fill this position yourself.

Puny Gingos move around Throne room and Ruins of Silan. Group is not needed, but it will make it easyer to kill the mobs.

Moving on to the mission's objectives. Our magicians continue to open up the ruins of Silan, unfortunately they are regularly attacked by predators from the north. These creatures, known as Gingo, are particularly fearsome, and like all similar predators, they attack homins on sight. So be extremely vigilant of it won't be long before you wind yourself under attack from all sides. As you've no doubt realised, your objective is to strike hard and weaken this rabid pack. Eliminate about 10 of those creatures and come back and see me once you've achieved your goal.


Seeing you fills my heart with pride. You have successfully completed all the missions that I have given you. Your quick mind has picked up on the slightest subtleties of the art of magic and you've really made the most of

I think that I've taught you more than enough to become a magician - you've still a long way to go before you can take on the powers of this world, but I now know that you're ready to spread your wings. You still have a lot to learn about magic, but I'm sure that you'll manage without my help.

I believe you're ready to go back to the continent. But perhaps, before you do that, you'd like to find out about the arts of fighting, craftsmanship or foraging? If so, I'm sure that my Matis, Tryker and Fyros counterparts will welcome you with open arms.

Moreover, the Kami and the Rangers are engaged in a bitter struggle on this island, and your help could be extremely useful to them. I won't well you any more about that, but if it's adventures you're after, don't hesitate to go and see them. It just remains for me to wish you a safe journey. May Ma-Duk protect you!

Guilan Guiter, Fyros Commander

mission screenshots. Thanks to Adelda for sending this text.

Hunters and Prey #1

If you have the sage-mission also, where you have to kill Suckling Yubos too: Every hunted Yubo counts only once! If you are hunting in a team, one kill only counts of one teammate.

Welcome, Homin. I am Guilan Guiter, commander of the Burning Spear, and a proud Fyros warrior. If you don’t know what that means, we will teach you… when you’re ready.
However, you’ve just arrived, so we won’t put you to the test too soon … Not yet. I see that you have a weapon. Do you know how to use it? If you think you do, then prove it to me! Explore the surroundings of the camp and show us that you are a greater danger to your enemies than to yourself. Kill ten Suckling Yubos and don’t come back until your hands are covered in blood.

Don’t forget to cut up your victims, young soldier. I’m also sending you there so that you can learn how to profit from hunting.


Well done! However, the task that you have just completed wasn’t particularly complicated. That said, you now know that yubo meat tastes good, and that artisans can always find something to do with it. That’s not a real challenge for a warrior, but everyone has to learn one way or another, don’t they?
Before moving on to the next lesson, I strongly recommend that you go and see the Fighter Trainer. He will be able to teach you new combat techniques, unless you’ve done that already of course!

Hunters and Prey #2

If you want to be taught by me Homin, you need to first prove that you can think like a Fyros. We are not brutes or bandits; we do not take pleasure in massacres. We make observations and learn from them. Be aware, my friend, that the Fyros possess and cherish the flames of truth, and see to banish ignorance from this world.
When the Fyros army and the warriors of the Burning Spear draw their weapons, it is not without reason; it is with the aim of bringing justice to these lands. Remember that, and let us get back to your lessons.

The fighter who throws himself headfirst at his enemy, without giving the matter any thought, is a bad fighter. Before fighting, you must be able to observe from your enemy and learn to know them. That is the only way to come up with a reliable strategy. It is extremely important to know the wildlife present in the regions in which you are hunting.

The animals are all on the north-eastern part of the isle, some easy, one very hard to find. Here you have to search, because they are wandering around.

So here’s what I expect from you: you are going to go to the region we call Hunting Ground in order to observe the wildlife here. I’m not asking you to use your weapon; it’s just a scouting mission. I want you to find me three different species of herbivore and one species of carnivore. Now go, and come back and report to me once you have completed your mission.


During your future journeys, it would be wise for you to remember these lessons, and to observe the animals which surround you.
Some animlas feed on other creatures, some ignore each other, and others cooperate with each other. You should learn to recognise the behaviour of each species.

Hunters and Prey #3

Good, I have another mission for you. The camp cook’s provisions are running low, we’ll have to remedy the situation. I’m counting on you to provide food for your companions. Get ready, you’re going to hunt some Bodoc. Be careful thought, Bodoc mose in large herds.
If you don’t feel ready for this mission, don’t hesitate to come back and learn how to hunt the Yubos and perfect yourself with your trainer. You will be able to learn new fighting techniques or powers which will make your mission easier. Don’t worry, there’s no hurry, you can take your time. Once you have completed the mission, bring me back what you have gathered.

'Bodod meat' you need for mission is not lootable as the normal loot: A message will tell you that you gathered one or more pieces of it. It isn’t needed to kill the Bodocs with your fighter-skills. You can also use magic if you prefer.


Great, I see that you had a good hunt. Your fighting techniques are improving, and you seem to have made a good start towards becoming a hunter worthy of the title. However, you should know that a fighter can only fully master his art if he learns how to develop his own techniques. This is not an easy task, I grant you, but it is of the utmost importance. Learn as many techniques as you can from your trainers, and use them to develop new, personalised techniques which are better adapted to your needs. You should start trying straight away. Come back and see me as soon as you feel ready so that we can move on to the next stage.

Hunters and Prey #4

We have a problem. Last night our scouts found a dead Bodoc, far from its usual migration route. It looks like it was dragged there, then savagely massacred. We’re positive that another animal is responsible, the wounds match those caused by a carnivore’s teeth. The animal responsible for this attack is very craft. It looks as if the Bodoc was somehow isolated from its herd before being killed, then the carcass was dragged into a ditch where it couldn’t be seen. If this creature is capable of attacking a Bodoc, it’s also capable of attacking a homin!

After you target Ragus, mission will updates.

The Bodoc was found dead at the eastern edge of the Hunting Ground. Please go and explore the place, and find out what type of creature carried out this attack.


It is doable alone even for light-armour-wearing-mages, if you are very carefully and patient, so that you have only one Ragus at once. If you do it in group, then remember that one kill only counts for one team member.

The presence of these creatures is not good. In fact, it’s very worrying. Be on your guard when you explore the region, the Ragus are particularly dangerous creatures. It’s very likely that they have a lair in the area. Whatever’s going on, we’re going to have to contain the situation as quickly as possible, before there are too many of them. Go back there and kill some of them, that’ll be a start.


Excellent. The danger presented by these animals should be less urgent now. Allow me to express my gratitude and present you with this axe, it’s a traditional Fyros weapon used by the company of the Burning Spear. Handle it, see how light it is, I think you’ll find it to your liking. When you’re ready, come back and see me and we’ll move on to the next stage of your training!

Team Work

Very good. I was becoming impatient for your return, because I have urgent need of a mercenary. Have you seen the ruins in the north? If not, you should go and explore them. The Shattered ruins is a field of broken lives and crumbling buildings. It’s a tragic reminder of a Matis experiment which went wrong and turned against them. The area is pretty quiet now, there are a few harmless Yelk wandering around. But the Javing and the Slaveni pose a problem. The Zorai want to take care of this problem, and we’re going to help them to clean up the area.

Until now I have asked you to work alone. From now on you’re going to have to learn how to work in a team. The strength of the Fyros lies in their ability to fight as a group. We will not be able to get back our land with simple individual actions. When the times comes for our forces to gather, it will be our ability to work in a team that we’ll need, not your skill in handling an axe.

Many fighting and power techniques are very useful when working in a team. For example, the Taunt power which will enable you to draw your enemy into an ambush, or the Shielding technique which will enable you to protect an ally. Use those techniques when you’re fighting in a team.

This mission is doable alone if you up for it.
The counter is as far as I know bugged. It will only update after the tenth dead Javing.

Now, go to the Shattered ruins and ally yourself with the apprentice magicians sent by the Zorai or with other fighters in order to reduce the scourge of the Javings.


You have done well. A day will come when homins will squabble over your services. Never forget that as a fighter, a heavy responsibility rests on your shoulders when you fight alongside other homins. It’s up to you to protect your allies, in particular those who are the weakest. You must stand between the enemy and the weakest section of your team.

The Red Blades #1

Guilan Guiter: Good, I’ve a more serious and perilous mission to entrust to you. If you accept, I’ll make you an honorary member of the company of the Burning Spears so that you can dispense justice in our name and keep this place safe.

To the north of the Shattered Ruins, lives a tribe of fanatics who go by the name of the Goo Heads. They maintain close relations with the evil eating away at our planet: the Goo. The Goo contaminates everything on Atys: creatures and plantlife, and progresses every day, the Goo Heads use the Goo like a drug, the substance has become their only reason for living. This tribe lives isolated from our civilisation and is a great danger to us.

Many of our brothers have perished under frenzied attack from those madmen. We must find out what they’re doing in that region, why are they there, what are they looking for? What’s even more astonishing is that the tribe normally lives in the Knot of Dementia area, very far from here on the Zorai continent.

Why has a small faction of their tribe exiled itself on this island?

You can found the parchment on the Goo Heads in the middle of the ruins. It is not looted normally, you will get the message when you find a parchment. The Goo Heads attack in groups and are strong enemies for low-level heroes. A group makes this job a lot easier!

We must answer these questions, to understand the reason for their presence on this island and the nature of their plans. That’s why you’re going on an expedition to their camp. Kill as many as you have to, but make sure you find something which will enable us to understand their plans.


Over the years I have lost a lot because of parasites like those you have killed.
When I was younger, we combed the wilderness looking for pockets of civilisation. I was just a simple scout for the Burning Spear, who had just re-formed and I thought that all the refugees we found would be delighted by our arrival. I met a group of what I thought were just refugees, and I led them straight to our camp. I took them through our defences, thinking that I was bringing friends. In the following massacre I lost my brother, and my sweetheart.

It took me a year to get over it, and pull myself together… So you’ll understand how much this means to me.
As a thank you for this first mission, and so that you’re better protected when you tackle the next stage, take this.

The Red Blades #2

Let me examine the document you have just given me… this is strange… it doesn’t make any sense. These orders mention consignments arriving and coming from here, but it is impossible. Except for a few of the best climbers of Atys, it is impossible to access the plateau since the collapse of the jungle accesses about ten years ago. What’s more, they talk about intensifying the attacks on the herds, to drive us out of our camp! Could the bandits possibly have something to do, in some way or another, with the Gingos that attack our beasts?

We must absolutely do something, and now! I talked to the faction leaders who support us in this operation and you will be proud to know that I have insistently talked about your sense of duty and your exploits. I have mentioned your name, for you to be our agent in charge of investigating and solving this case!

You are allowed to do it alone, but you will probably need a group. Arken is north of the Shattered Ruins on a little hill with some friends and some Gingos around.

If you learn Taunt at the trainers, You can pull Arken far enough from his friends.

The orders mention a specific individual – someone called Arken, who apparently is the leader of operations among the bandits. Find him, and kill him, but beware, Arken is a powerful warrior who may cause no end of trouble. Obviously, fighting him alone would be suicide. Put up a team of killed mages and warriors together before launching the attack. Now go, and may Ma-Duck protect you.


We heard Gingos howl from here! So the chief of this vermin was an animal trainer? That explains the attacks from Gingos and the massacre of Bodocs. Assuming they were training Gingos to join the attacks, they could have massacred all our herds very quickly and so deprive us of all our sources of food!

We haven’t answered all our questions but we’ve solved the problem, that’s what matters. Maybe they’re looking for something in the ruins. Maybe they’re interested in the former experiments of the Matis. It’s very likely that we’ll never get the answers.

The council asked me to give you this for all the risks you have taken. Take it, and know that every pupil who will pass through this camp will owe you much.