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posted to Ryzom forum on August 10th, 2005, 01:46 PM by shadowweb

How long is one year in real time? And one season in real time?

The equivalences ryzom time/real time are the following ones:
1 year of Jena (JY for Jena Year) = 2 real-time months (note by karu: should be 72 RL days / ~2.4 RL months)
1 atysian cycle = 2,57 weeks = 18 real-time days
1 atysian season = 108 hours = 4,5 real-time days
1 atysian month = 36 hours = 1,5 real-time days
1 atysian week (6 days) = 432 minutes = 7 hours and 12 minutes
1 atysian day = 72 minutes = 1 hour and12 minutes

How long is a year of Jena, and what is an atysian cycle?
Only the year of Jena corresponds in the background to the earthly year. The periods of time as the seasons, months, weeks and days are four times shorter on Atys than on Earth. An Atysian season is four times shorter than a earthly season. The same thing for a day. That's why the cycle was created: this period of time corresponds to the common vision of the year (4 seasons, 12 months...), as a revolution of the planet around the sun.

One year of Jena is constituted by 4 cycles, 16 seasons ( 4 spring-summer-autumn-winter successions), 48 months, 240 weeks and 1440 days.
An Atysien cycle is constituted by 4 seasons, 12 months, 60 weeks and 360 days.
Note that the year begins with spring.
Atysian days contain 24 hours. The number of minutes and seconds is identical to the earth system, but obviously, everything is four times shorter on Atys.

If we give the equivalences real time/Ryzom time, it is necessary to clarify the information above, or one year of Jena will be likened to a period of 12 Atysian months, while it lasts 48 Atysian months (but 12 ground months).

About having children in a roleplay sense - is it possible to say that we have parents from different races in roleplaying?

To have children is possible between homins of two different races, but there will be no interbreeding of the racial physical characteristics, a race will take the step on the other one. So, Matis and Fyros can have children, and they will be of appearance Matis or Fyros.

Homins have a lifespan comparable to the human one.

At release, we know that we were in year 2525. Are we getting older? Are we still in 2525? How old are our leaders to take an example? Did anything changed?

Yes, the time passes by on Atys, and homins ages. According to Ryzom time, the game started in 2525 (JY), what corresponds in mid-September on 2004 in the real time. By making a fast calculation, we are in 2530 ( JY).

Age of the sovereigns:
Yrkanis 48 years
Dexton 50 years
Mabreka 45 years
Still Wyler 52 years