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NPC Tribe camp
NPC Bandit camp
Kami Teleport
Karavan Teleport
Dig Resource
Player ownable outpost
Unknown search result
Easiest search terms should contain part of region name, ecosystem or grade and item you search for.
Like fount fiber, lake fiber, q250 fiber (q is optional)
In database, each item has multiple keywords.
Its wildchar search so chanted would match enchanted too.
If exact match is needed, then "chanted" would do the trick.
By default keywords will be grouped with AND rule
big shell would match big and shell in one db keyword line. NOT neccessary in the same order.
"big shell" would do exact match
to use OR rule, you need to use + infront of keyword
fiber +bark would give all fibre and bark matches
to use AND NOT rule, you need to use -
shell -big
Groups can be formed with ( ) and default rule inside group is OR.
big shell (fount isle) for example
For MOB searches...
If generic mob name is used, then region might be returned (for now)
For NPC searches...
There is some npcs that have fame +/- listed, so...
"tribe name+" will return npc(s) that give tribal fame. Full spelling is not required, ame+ would be just fine.
Using season...
it's complicated because there is only one keyword line per marker and not one for each season.
while autumn supreme zun would give Sunken City spot that does not have supreme in autumn
using exact match "autumn supreme" zun would list correct markers
Grade needs first three letters or to be fully spelled out. "sup autumn" and "autumn sup" are the same.