Negative, Gesture
none Oshido looks ready to start something.
target Oshido stares at Soma with an aggressive look.
self Oshido isn't in the mood to back down.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido stares coldly.
target Oshido looks at Soma coldly.
self Oshido is cold as ice.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido makes a crude gesture to everyone.
target Oshido makes a crude gesture to Soma.
self Oshido makes a few crude comments about himself.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido screws up his eyes, revealing an unusual expression of cruelty.
target Oshido provokes Soma with cruelty.
self Oshido teases, torments, and provokes. How cruel!
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido is on the defensive.
target Oshido gets defensive towards Soma.
self Oshido defends himself.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido faces certain death. Forward!
target Oshido informs Soma of his coming death.
self Oshido wants to have a little fun before he dies.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido is disgusted.
target Oshido is disgusted at Soma.
self Oshido is disgusted at himself.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido rubs his hands together evilly.
target Oshido smiles evilly at Soma.
self Oshido thinks him is evil.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido laughs hysterically.
target Oshido slaps Soma, who has become hysterical.
self Oshido goes into hysterical.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido adopts an imploring attitude.
target Oshido begs Soma to stop.
self Oshido isn't too proud to beg.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido imitates the people around him.
target Oshido ridicules Soma, imitating all her gestures.
self Oshido plays the fool with a perfect impression of himself.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido cries ouch.
target Oshido sees Soma suffering.
self Oshido is injured, adn yes, it hurts.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido panics.
target Oshido panics, right in front of Soma.
self Oshido is panic-stricken.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido strikes a provocative pose.
target Oshido attempts to provoke Soma.
self Oshido is fairly easy to provoke at the moment.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido chokes rudely with laughter.
target Oshido aims a rude gesture at Soma.
self Oshido isn't paying attention to you. How rude.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido looks ready to scold someone.
target Oshido scolds Soma harshly.
self Oshido scolds himself. "I'm not a nice person."
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido sighs.
target Oshido sighs loudly when facing Soma.
self Oshido softly sighs.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido calls for silence.
target Oshido signals to Soma. Hush.
self Oshido did not say anything.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido gets ready to smack someone.
target Oshido smacks Soma.
self Oshido smacks himself, then realizes that hurts and stops.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido apologizes.
target Oshido is sorry, Soma. Please forgive him?
self Oshido is sincerely sorry.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido is feeling dizzy
target Soma makes Oshido sick.
self Oshido keels over.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido provokes the crowd.
target Oshido provokes Soma.
self Oshido provokes himself and as a result he is intimidated.
Negative, Gesture
none Oshido recoils in horror, terrified.
target Oshido looks at Soma with his eyes wide open, visibly terrified.
self Oshido tries to terrify himself, and fails.
Negative, Gesture
none A wound is making Oshido reel.
target Oshido has wounded Soma.
self Oshido hurt himself. Heal?


Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido warns everybody.
target Oshido alerts Soma.
self Oshido remembers something important
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido burps loudly.
target Oshido apologizes to Soma for burping. That was a loud one!
self Oshido burps.
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido spins round in circles.
target Oshido finds Soma's instructions a bit disorienting.
self Oshido looks in every direction, but is lost.
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido starts posing.
target Oshiod puts on a show for Soma.
self Oshido would make a great actor, don't you think?
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido knows they have reached their limit, so gets another dring.
target Oshido offers another drink to Soma.
self Oshido staggers around, possibly drunk.
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido meticulously makes sure everything is in its place.
target Oshiod meticulously brushes a bit of dirt off Soma.
self Oshido brushes himself off.
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido lets out a goofy laugh.
target Oshiod smiles goofily at Soma.
self Oshido acts pretty goofy sometimes, like right now.
/"hold on"
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido yells "Stop!"
target Oshido wants Soma to stop.
self Oshido restrains himself from doing what he desires.
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido seems to pointing at something.
target Oshido points at Soma.
self Oshido points at himself. "Me."
/"point back"
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido points back.
target Oshido points back. "Back there, Soma."
self Oshido points back.
/"point front"
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido points straight ahead.
target Oshido points straight ahead of himself. "Straigh ahead, Soma."
self Oshido points straight aread. "I'm going there."
/"point left"
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido points left. That way.
target Oshido points left. "That way, Soma."
self Oshido points left. "I'm going that way."
/"point right"
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido points right. This way.
target Oshido points right. "This way, Soma."
self Oshido points right. "I'm going this way."
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido is calm.
target Oshido recovers peace when with Soma.
self Oshido stays calm.
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido charges onward recklessly.
target Oshido proceeds, without regard to Soma.
self Oshido charges without thinking.
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido is falling asleep.
target Oshido wonders if Soma is asleep.
self Oshido yawns and stretches. Perhaps it's time for bed.
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido looks smug.
target Oshido smirks at Soma.
self Oshido smirks.
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido looks surprised.
target Oshido is surprised by Soma.
self Oshido is surprised.
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido is thirsty. Does anybody want a drink?
target Oshido asks Soma for something to drink.
self Oshido swigs his drink down.
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido looks around warily.
target Oshido looks at Soma warily.
self Oshido looks at himself warily.
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido attempts to start a Mexican wave. Come on everybody!
target Oshido waves to Soma.
self Oshido casually puts his hands up in the air.
Neutral, Gesture
none Oshido yawns his head off.
target Oshido yawns in front of Soma.
self Oshido yawns. Could be bored, could be tired.


Positive, Gesture
none Oshido bows respectfully.
target Oshido bows to Soma.
self Oshido bows at no one in particular, but ends up touching his toes.
Positive, Gesture
none Oshido cheers everyone on.
target Oshido cheers Soma on. Go Soma!
self Oshido cheers. Yay!
Positive, Gesture
none Oshido bows in a courtly manner.
target Oshido bows to Soma in a most courtly manner.
self Oshido proceeds in a courtly manner.
Positive, Gesture
none Oshido gets this party started!
target Oshido bashfully asks Soma dance ?
self Oshido is poetry in motion.
Positive, Gesture
none Oshido stays calm
target Oshido notices the dignified attitude of Soma.
self Oshido acts dignified, regardless of the situation.
Positive, Gesture
none Oshido exercises. One, two..
target Oshido encourages Soma to exercise.
self Oshido starts a complete training session.
Positive, Gesture
none Oshido is bubbling over with happiness.
target Oshido dances with Soma, very satisfied.
self Oshido dances,unrestrained and enthusiastic.
Positive, Gesture
none Oshido says, "Gimme 5!"
target Oshido gives Soma a high-five.
self Oshido gives himself a high five as no one else will.
Positive, Gesture
none Oshido looks gloomy.
target Oshido is in the doldrum when thinking of Soma.
self Oshido mutters something about ruin, darkness, and destruction.
Positive, Gesture
none Oshido broadlly smiles.
target Oshido grins at Soma.
self The slightest thing makes Oshido laugh, which worries everybody.
Positive, Gesture
none Oshido strikes a heroic pose.
target Oshido claims Soma is a hero.
self Oshido thinks he is a genuine heroine.
Positive, Gesture
none Oshido says hi.
target Oshido says to Soma, "Hi! How are you?"
self Oshido waves. Hi!
Positive, Gesture
none Oshido is ready to do something.
target Oshido turns to Soma, "Ready?"
self Oshido lets everyone know he is ready.
Positive, Gesture
none Oshido tosses rice to party.
target Oshido tosses rice at Soma.
self Oshido sprinkles rice on himself to party
Positive, Gesture
none Oshido takes out the candles, flowers, and liquor.
target Oshido composes an epic and romantic ode to Soma.
self Oshido is in for something special.
Positive, Gesture
none Oshido discreetly eyes the area.
target Oshido casts a sly glance at Soma.
self Oshido wears a mocking little smile. What is he up to?
Positive, Gesture
none Oshido warmly smiles.
target Oshido warmly welcomes Soma.
self Oshido becomes animated.