Trykers and lake materials


This permanent bonus increases the extraction time of sources that you harvest.

The Trykers adopted to the lake lands like fish to water quickly forming settlements around the lake shores where resources were abundant. Their innate sense of fellowship pushed them to develop the art of trading, so making them great merchant pioneers before they even thought of becoming skillful fighters. It was the Trykers who established a trade link between the Matis and the Fyros, which was later to become the water route.

Anything was traded from moon linen to auberwood resin, not to mention different kinds of shell which was highly prized by Fyros and Matis maids. In exchange the Trykers were particularly partial to Fyros desert herb which could be rolled into takoda leaf for smoking, or Matis pigment used for tattooing and paintings in fresco. Incidentally, the walls were rendered in straw and silt taken from the river bed.

But bartering could be made unfair through intimidation and to avoid discrepancies and guarantee equitable trading, the Trykers introduced a monetary system based on dappers. Dappers were originally made of pearls bound in a sap-based substance for extra resistance. The presence of counterfeit dappers that began to flood the market brought the need for the addition of magic during the minting process which could only be implemented under the homin high authorities.

It may be said then that the Trykers were at the origin of the circulation and exchange of resources throughout the homin lands.

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Ba'Reiliam Eoppie
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