Zorais and jungle materials


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The Zoraïs, for many years, lived as nomadic tribes in the jungle lands until they came upon the Kamis who gave them a new meaning to life allowing them to cease their futile wandering and settle down.

Specialized groups of harvesters learnt to reap from the land around the settlements producing a food surplus allowing time to think and to support non-producers like crafters. By and by, with the expanding populations, the need for more resistant materials for construction pushed crafters and harvesters on to discover new and better materials and enhance their properties through careful selection and blending.

The Zoraï were the first to discover and perfect the everlasting qualities of amber which became the hallmark of Zoraï culture. After being the first to set down the written word on animal hide, then parchments, the Zoraïs developed a more secure way of storing spheres of knowledge in amber cubes. These cubes were later adopted by other civilizations as the only sure way to conserve precious knowledge, the technique is still used today.

The Zorai also applied their knowledge of magnetism to amber jewels which give the wearer resistance to electricity.

The greatest achievement in the ancient Zoraï civilization was undoubtedly the great sphere of the temple of Zoran where the High council was held. It is significant then that during Remembrance Week (see chronology 2483), the Zoraïs traditionally produce a sphere of knowledge of the past year's events which they bind in amber for posterity.

Ma-Seng Fuangi
Maintain Ma-Seng Fuangi's fields
Ma-Seng Fuangi
Forage building materials
Ma-Seng Fuangi
Ma-Seng Fuangi needs someone to forage for preservatives
Rite mission
La-Po Len
The resources of the jungle