Cities of intuition


Increase your Sap capacity by 50.

Cities of Intuition was the first region of the Witherings to be secured by the Zorais afer their two year reclusin in the Prime Roots. It was the sage Fung-Tun who, after receiving a perception as to where to establish communion with spirits of the ancient world, conveyed the right to build the Zorai city there.

The capital city Zora was raised in memory of the multitudes who lost their lives during the kitin invasion of the ancient capital, Zoran. There then followed the construction of the three villages. Min-Cho and Hoi-Cho took their names from two great spiritual leaders whose successive reigns bridged the gulf between the dynasties of the old lands and the new. Min-Cho lost his life during the Great Swarming in the ancient lands, Hoi-Cho became the first Zorai leader of the newfound lands. Jen-Lai was built in the name of Jena, the Matis goddess. It was the inspiration of Fung-Tun, who, during the Prime Root exile, had taken part in the monthly meetings with the Karavan contingent to take stock of the war with the kitins.

Still under the trauma of the great kitin invasion, the Zorais purposely built these first settlements of the Witherings into hollows of the bark to allow better defense in case of kitin attack. Between the villages of Min-Cho and Hoi-Cho, the traveler may come upon a camp of a crafter tribe, known as the Icon Worshippers, the only one pertaining to the region. The region also shelters a single outpost, Qai-Du.

This jungle land, being the first to be cleared by the Zorais, is a relatively safe zone where novice adventurers may put their skills to a fair test. The only species of kitin present in the area is the kipee, a relatively peaceful herbivore if left alone. Other wild animals include the javings, ragus, yubo, izam and the mektoub. The traveler will also watch out for the slaveni, the only intelligent plant in the region.

Alters of the revered Kamis will be found inside towns and villages. A Karavan alter is kept outside the capital.

Shua-Lao Zhuangi
Shua-Lao Zhuangi wants an order sent to Min-Cho
Shua-Lao Zhuangi
Deliver Shua-Lao Zhuangi's report to Jen-Laï
Shua-Lao Zhuangi
Shua-Lao Zhuangi needs a messenger to dispatch a message to Hoï-Cho
Rite mission
Fai-Cu Fung
The riddle of an old Zorai