Melee Weapons


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The melee weapons section describes swords, axes, maces, staves and spears adapted for either one-handed or two-handed use. Other two-handed melee weapons are pikes and magic amplifiers. It will be noted that one handed weapons allow the carrier to also use a shield or a dagger in the left hand, whereas two handed weapons have the advantage of causing more damage. The 3 types of damage inflicted in melee combat are slashing, piercing and smashing, depending on the weapon.

The various item parts used for the manufacture of melee weapons include counterweights, grips, shafts, blades/hammers/points. The item part for the magic amplifier is magic focus. The homin expert to see for melee crafting is the melee weaponsmith.

In the past, each civilization had developed particular skills pertaining to their art of warfare. However, during the two year period of cohabitation in the Prime Roots after the Great Swarming of 2481, crafters and warriors of every race began trading their skills so allowing greater diversity thereafter in the choice of arms. Nonetheless, conservatives still staunchly stand by the traditional weapons and melee skills perfected by their forefathers.

The Matis were renowned knights in times of old and from and early age developed skills in swordplay, as much as for duels as for slaying the enemy, a gallant knight was also expert in handling the pike both on foot and on mektoub. The Zora?s, entrenched behind their great wall that ran along the frontiers, kept inter-racial violence at bay with their formidable spears constantly poised along the wall. In close combat, the mace has always held price of place. The Fyros in battle would terrify the enemy with great roars as they thrust forth wielding their fiery axes. It was during the struggle from Matis slavery that the Trykers developed guerilla activities and allied their agility with the dagger. They would steal up silently in the dead of night and deftly slit the throats of their brothers' captors. It is to be noted, however, that spears and pikes are often preferred by Federal soldiers for extra reach.

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