Increase your Focus capacity by 50.

The jewelry section gives information on anklets, bracelets, diadems, pendants, rings and earrings. Magic jewelry chiefly gives increased resistance against various magic effects. It also gives, as all objects made by crafters, stat bonuses.

The various item parts used for the manufacture of jewelry include jewel settings and jewels. It will be noted that the type of magic resistance obtained will depend on the material used to make the jewelry. The homin specialist to see for melee crafting is the jeweler.

In the ancient lands, as homins evolved into stable sedentary communities they began to look to distinguish themselves as individuals through self embellishment using exterior signs of wealth. The amulets and lucky charms they would wear to ward off ill fortune and protect them from harmful magic took on a whole new appearance.

The organic matter used to manufacture such objects were, as is today, of plant and animal origin. They were crafted into ornate jewels the value of which depended on the quality of the animal and the rarity of the raw material used. Packed with blessings and superstition, they became part and parcel of ceremonial rites of passage such as communion, marriage, childbirth and given as gifts or heirlooms. Each civilization developed its own set of jewelry.

The Trykers were the first to wear the circle as a symbol of continuity and solidarity, which they would wear as rings on fingers and as toggles in their hair and clothing. The sphere became the fetish shape of the Zorai, symbolizing individual unity, completeness and integrity. For the Matis, pendants were worn as a sign of rank, reward or special services rendered to the king and Jena. The Fyros wore bracelets and anklets which, in peace conveyed the music of merriment and in war sounded the tumult of terror to the hearts of their enemy.

Since the opening of trade routes all types of jewels have found their way across the lands and are worn indifferently by all races, though according to tradition, on feast days the proud homin will prefer the jewels of his ancestors only.

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