Kitins in continent Tryker


Deteriotates the arm by as much as 1 HP. Yields 10 credits.

In the fateful year of 2481, Tryker guards posted on the water route gave the alert that the treacherous Matis were again gathering to march on Trykoth. As soon as news came of tumult and chaos sweeping through Fyros lands keeping the desert warriors occupied, Matis dukes urged King Domini to reestablish Matis sovereignity in the city of Karavia and secure the lake land resources of Trykoth. But the Trykers would never feel the brunt of the Matis force, as a greater, far more horrific force in the shape of the kitins literally devoured the first Matis contingents at the very gates of Trykoth, before marching through Tryker lands further wreaking horror and desolation.

Unlike the Matis during their invasion fifty years earlier, the kitins showed no pity - there was no surrender possible and the only chance was to take fight. Many thousands of Trykers took there chances by heading south, where they might find safety behind the great Zorai wall. However, in the face of the advancing tide of terror, the Zorai refused to lower the gates. Thus cornered, Trykers could but stand and fight to the inevitable death.

After the first wave smashed through the Zorai wall to the jungle lands, Tryker survivors got organized into small groups - just as during the days of Loria - to allow for ease of movement, discretion and quick attacks on the enemy, in the name of liberty.

Nowadays, Trykers generally accept the kitins as part and parcel of Jena s creation, and the Great Swarming as a sign of Jena s wrath over homin violation of Her law., i.e. excavation of the Prime Roots, veneration of the Kami, and willingly point the finger at the Fyros and the Zorai.

In keeping with their sense of freedom and sharing, and so as not attract kitin vengeance, Trykers tolerate the presence of kitins on their land, though will valiantly fight when their presence becomes a threat to their freedom. This they will do using techniques of combat handed down from the guild of the Force of Fraternity and perfected by Still Wyler.

Kitins in the lake lands are charcterized by their predominantly blue color. Perhaps it is because Trykers do not seek to systematically eradicate kitins that their population is fairly low. Furthermore, no presence of kitin nests in Tryker territory has yet been recorded.

Liberty Lake, the first region to be secured in Aeden Aqueous, is virtually kitin free with the exception of the odd roaming kipee, harmless if left alone. Dewdrops and Winds of Muse, as well as the kipee, hosts the kizoar flying kitin. The kipee, kizoar, kincher and kipesta are known to be found in Resting Water and The Fount. Kitins recorded in other regions include all the aforementioned kitins, and more species like the kiban harvester, the dangerous kirosta and the mighty kipucka.

O'Darghan Garmer
Kill the kitins that are attacking everything that moves in Liberty Lake
O'Darghan Garmer
Kill the carnivores that are decimating herds in Liberty Lake
O'Darghan Garmer
Kill some Cristabell Skinners for O'Darghan Garmer in Liberty Lake
Rite mission
rite info not available