Creates a wall of water around you that absorbs part of the damage inflicted by any enemy in hand to hand

This brownish crustacean feeds on carrion and sometimes mortally wounded animals. The clopper gets its name from the sound it makes with its well developed pincers on approaching ist wounded prey.

Family: Clankers, carnivore.

Behavior: Aggressive.

Habitat: Desert and lake

Exceptional specimen(s): nekothus

Sociability: Moderate group instinct, and will defend certain species of carnivores that are being attacked.

Speed of movement: Moderate.

Natural armor: Moderate protection against slashing blows.

Magical protections: High protection against rot atacks.

Magical immunities: Immune against blind, sleep and stun attacks.

Type of attack:Melee (slashing)

Special attack: Double attack (the clopper lashes out at its aggressor using both its pinchers one after the other)

Valued resources: mandible (shaft,ammo bullett), shell (barrel,armor shell), sting (blade, point), secretion (explosives,stuffing), tail (firing pin, armor clip), flesh.

Ba'Gan Breggie
Kill the carnivores that are decimating herds in Winds of Muse
Ba'Naer Eskan
Help collect some bone for Ba'Naer Eskan's friends
Ba'Naer Eskan
Help collect some fur for Ba'Naer Eskan's friends
Ba'Gan Breggie
Kill some Muse Tumblers for Ba'Gan Greggie in Winds of Muse
Rite mission
rite info not available