Fyros Story 2


This permanent bonus increases the durability of objects you craft.

The Legend of Oflovak Rydon - told by a Fyros merchant

Oflovak Rydon had been a great traveller in the old lands and during the great kitin swarming, he shepherded thousands of Fyros from the capital city away from danger into the wilderness. On the morning of the seventh day he went to the crest of a dune to find his bearings when a halo of light came from the heavens and a great one spoke to him.

"I am Elias, the father of your condition and I will help you in this moment of need. Take your people to the east to the Ridge of Baldos where you will find a rainbow on the plain. Be swift, Oflovak." On his bended knees, Oflovak gave his reply "You have my word, Elias, and as long as breath shall fill my lungs it shall ring true."

There was no time to lose, the wind could change direction at any moment and carry the Fyros scent to the kitin armies that were at present traveling south. Oflovak knew the dunes the the knuckles of his hand and, true to his word, led the multitude wisely to the Ridge of Baldos where there stood the promise of Elias. The rainbow carried them far away to a haven in the Prime Roots on another land, but little did Oflovak know that there could be no return once they had passed through.

By and by as more homins of every race made it to the Prime Roots with tales of horror and destruction, it became clear to Oflovak that even the rainbows would soon be destroyed by the kitins. The remaining multitudes of homins stranded in the kitin infested areas would never know the way to sanctuary. But how could they be brought back? To bring anyone back means finding them first!

Again the answer came from the sky, this time at night. Througout his life travels, Oflovak had developed a love for star-gazing and could tell where the clusters would appear according to the season. In this way he concluded that the Prime Root sanctuary must be situated far to the west of the ancient lands even though many thought they were to the east, as the rainbows had been located to the east of all homin territories.

In defiance of his advancing years, Oflovak set out guided by the stars at night on the greatest trek. Every so often, aided by his apprentices, Deutheus Xaphaan and Kedgy Be'Cauny, he planted signposts that pointed the way back to the newfound lands. After many adventures, twice nearly losing his life and three full years of arduous travel, at last he came to a place he knew. The plains of Coriolis, where Fyros history had so often been made, stood before him scarred and maimed after years of kitin devastation.

He went from desert to forest, forest to lake lands, lake lands to jungle, spreading the word of the route to safe haven. I, with my parents, was among the first to take that route which opened the way for the Exodus. My greatest regret us that Oflovak Rydon, the savior of so many, never saw the rebirth of our civilization. But I sometimes fancy he is up there looking down from a cloud with Elias.

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