Kamis and Fyros


Early on in their history, the Fyros proved suitable subjects for the world which the Kamis had come to protect. These desert peoples were quite simply fearless in the face of one of the major banes of Atys: fire. Years of fearless experimentation allowed them to acquire knowledge on how to master the ravenous flames of destruction and even put them to better use. The Kami sought to win their hearts to rally them to their ecological cause.

The Fyros for their part, at first cast a wary eye upon the strange creatures. Indeed, their reaction on coming across their first Kami was to hunt it down for its fur! But when the Kami diverted the hostile projectiles with the wave of hand then vanished to reappear behind its aggressors without anger, without animosity, the Fyros were intrigued.

One day their mutual fascination found a pretext for a meeting when the Fyros emperor, Arispotle, during a shooting party was badly thrown from his mektoub near a varynx haunt. The wild animals were nearly upon the semi-conscious emperor when a kami appeared to face the three varynx before him. The Kami conjured a circle of light around it and Arispotle to ward off the hungry creatures. The varynx at first checked their step, but on the sight of the emperor s gushing wound proceeded to the kill. The two largest of the three, on breaching the magic circle, dropped down dead. The remaining varynx turned tail and bolted away. The Kami then gave the guards, who were soon at their emperors side, some healing magic to administer to the injured emperor. With this first Kami pact a new friendship and a deep respect was born in Fyros hearts.

At about this time relations with the Karavan were beginning to turn sour. Jena s disciples, as they called themselves, were against mining and underground exploration and began seriously reprimanding the Fyros by making them pay huge amounts of raw materials for their technological magic.

The Fyros gradually turned to the Kamis for virtually all their magic needs. In return the fire fighters guaranteed protection against the dragon fire and agreed to fight to gain control of it wherever it raged.

Oflovak's Oasis Kami Welcomer
Oflovak's Oasis Kami Welcomer needs someone to hunt down the kitins that are attacking anything that moves in Oflovak's Oasis
Water Breakers Kami Ambassador
Water Breakers Kami Ambassador needs someone to wipe out the kitins that are attacking anything that moves in Oflovak's Oasis
Oflovak's Oasis Kami Welcomer
The Kami need some kitin morsels
Water Breakers Kami Ambassador
Water Breakers Kami Ambassador's Water Breakers friends need help to kill some Hothead Hackers in Oflovak's Oasis
Rite mission
rite info not available