Creates a fire wall around you which wounds enemies that hit you in melee combat.

A crustacean with four identical legs, two powerful pincers, and charcterized by a translucent sphere containing a watery substance which it dangles above its head. The goari half buries its carapace in the ground or submerges itself in water leaving only the sphere on show. It then shakes the sphere to attract thirsty animals. When the prey is near enough it springs forth, pincers ready for the kill.

Family: Clankers, carnivore.

Behavior: Aggressive.

Habitat: Desert and lake.

Exceptional specimen(s): unknown

Sociability: Moderate group instinct, compelling it to assist certain other species of carnivores under attack.

Speed of movement: Moderate.

Natural armor: Low protection against smashing blows.

Magical protections: High protection against rot attacks; moderate protection against electric attacks.

Magical immunities: Immune against blind, sleep and stun attacks.

Type of attack: Melee (slashing).

Special attack: Lightning ball (fires a lightning ball which can hit several targets at once).

Valued ressources: mandible (shaft, ammo bullett), shell (barrel, armor shell), sting (blade, point), secretion (explosives, stuffing), tail (firing pin, armor clip), flesh.

Tin Lyseus
Kill the kitins that are attacking everything that moves in Imperial Dunes
Tin Lyseus
Kill the carnivores that are decimating herds in Imperial Dunes
Tin Lyseus
Kill some Pagans of Pyr for Tin Lyseus in Imperial Dunes
Rite mission
rite info not available