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This group constitutes food fit for homin consumption other than that of general animal game. These foodstuffs are sought after by all Atysians, be they homins, Kamis or members of the Karavan. Many will offer money and even knowledge in exchange for their nutritive, laxative and calming properties. There are a total of twelve families known to date which include: green leaves, flower petals, buds, dandelion, mushroom, insect larvae, cereal, eggs, honey, aromatic plants, berries and fruit.

Green leaf, flower petals and buds of certain plants, once dried, are used as condiments to flavor dishes, for sauces, or to make flavored drinks and sedatives.

Dandelion is a popular plant used to make a drink for merriment. This brew is especially popular on festival days and celebrations, though is to be consumed with moderation! The Fyros are particularly fond of the beverage and drink joyous quantities during the summer solstice festivities. Indeed, it is said that the Fyros lost the ancient city of Karavia during the summer solstice of 2435 because the soldiers gave themselves to merry-making and dandelion wine! It is worth noting too that for Trykers the dandelion is also an emblem of freedom. The seeding dandelion is blown to the wind so that seeds of liberty may be sown in the four corners of the world.

The Matis, in their passion for biological study, were the first to discover that using mushrooms in bread-making made the dough rise. It was the Matis too who first used mushrooms in conjunction with dandelion flowers and berries to produce the wine drink mentioned above. The Zora's, for their part, have long since been using mushrooms to induce dreams and attain sublimity.

High in protein, insect larvae are a much appreciated delicacy for the wealthy. They are traditionally spread on grilled bread slices and served with dandelion wine.

Cereals, in the form of bread, represent the staple food par excellence of all homins. The texture and taste of the bread varies from one race to another. Matis bread is light and doughy, whereas the Fyros is compact and dense. Zora bread is round with a hole in the middle, Tryker bread is sweet and biscuity.

Bird eggs are used in various forms and represent a versatile and filling meal for the more modest homin.

Honey, either secreted by certain plants in small quantities or produced by bees is used to sweeten dishes and drinks. Honey is also boiled and blended with other substances into hard balls for easy transport to give nourishment to travelers.

As well as perfuming the air, aromatic plants are used in cookery to flavor dishes, some plants have sedative properties. Additionally, Fyros maids use an oil obtained from these plants which they rub into their skin to protect it from the desert sun.

The Trykers, as an extension of their love for merry-making, have become expert brewers. By adding fermenting fruit and berries to cereal, they produce an array of beverages including ales and root beers.

Nirni Ciozzo
Nirni Ciozzo needs someone to maintain the fields
Viccia Girinia
Viccia Girinia needs someone to prepare his fields
Viccia Girinia
Provide Viccia Girinia with food
Nirni Ciozzo
Gather some food
Rite mission
Bergio Visti
The rite of hunting and gathering