Creates a wall of electricity around you that reduces the attack skill level of an enemy in hand to hand.

Of the same family as the lumper, the bawaab is characterized by its green scaly skin and a flat hammer head with an eye at each extremity. The bawaab has pillar-like legs, large feet and moves at a surprisingly fair speed.

Family : Quadrondons, herbivore

Behavior : Peaceful, will defend itself in case of attack.

Habitat : Forest and jungle.

Exceptional specimen(s) : Quadon

Sociabilty : Moderate group instinct compelling it to run to the defense of other herbivores.

Speed of movement : Moderate

Natural armor : Moderate protection against smashing blows.

Magical protections : Very high protection against cold attacks; high prtection against rot attacks.

Magical immunities : Immune against sleep and stun attacks.

Type of attack : Melee (smashing)

Special defense : Rebound (the bawaab has the capacity to return predator attacks).

Valued resources : pelvis (hammer, counterweight), skin (grip, clothes), nail (trigger, jewel setting), tooth (ammo jacket, lining), eye (jewel, magic focus), meat, skull and blood.

Liangi Wo-Lo
Liangi Wo-Lo needs someone to destroy the intelligent plants that are flourishing in Maiden Grove
Liangi Wo-Lo
Liangi Wo-Lo wants to get rid of the carnivores that are decimating herds in Maiden Grove
Hon Be-Pian
Hon Be-Pian needs someone to rid of the species of herbivores that are devouring all the plants in Maiden Grove
Hon Be-Pian
Hon Be-Pian is asking for help to gather some meat
Rite mission
She-Jua Mu
Hunting Bawaabs