Creates a thorn wall around you which wounds enemies that hit you in melee combat

A canine-like creature with retractable claws, rasping tongue and five eyes which allow it to see in all kinds of light. A species of this hyperactive fast-moving omnivore used to be trained in the old lands to lick canalization pipes clean and rid them of vermin in general.

Family: Hounders, omnivore

Behavior: Aggressive

Habitat: Forest, jungle and lake

Exceptional specimen(s): toler

Sociability: Moderate group instinct, compelling it run to the defense of certain species of carnivores when in danger

Speed of movement: Fast

Natural armor: Low protection against piercing blows

Magical protections: High protection against rot attacks; moderate protection against cold attacks

Magical immunities: Immune against sleep attacks

Type of attack: Melee (slashing)

Special attack: Slashing strike (slashes out at the victim's head using its forelegs)

Valued resources: Bone (Shaft, Ammo bullet), Leather (Barrel, Armor Shell), Claw (Blade, Point), Fang (Explosives, Stuffing), Ligament (Firing Pin, Armor Clip), Meat, Skull, Blood, Hairs

Liccio Chiachio
Kill the kitins that are attacking everything that moves in Majestic Garden
Liccio Chiachio
Kill the carnivores that are decimating herds in Majestic Garden.
Liccio Chiachio
Kill some Davae's Clutch for Liccio Chiachio in Majestic Garden
Rite mission
rite info not available