Range weapons and ammo


Stanza for Craftman's plan for generic bowrifle.

The range weapons section describes autolaunchers, launchers, bowpistols, bowrifles, pistols and rifles, along with the corresponding ammunition. These weapons can inflict slashing, piercing and smashing types of damage depending on the ammunition used. They offer the possibility of attacking one or more adversaries from a distance. Certain weapons, such as the launcher, have the capacity to blast several targets in one shot.

Various components are used for the manufacture of range weapons and ammunition. They include barrels, triggers, firing pins and shafts for arms; and explosives, ammo bullets and ammo jackets for ammunition. The homin expert to see for range weapon crafting is the range weaponsmith.

Since the times of the collective exile of homin peoples in the Prime Roots from 2481 to 2483, crafters and warriors of every civilization have been able to access the different weapons and associated skills. Before this period, however, each homin civilization used specific weaponry according to their particular method of warfare. Even today, purists prefer the skills and weapons used in times of old when homin civilizations were at their height.

In the ancient lands of Matia, according to the courtly code for excellence and exactitude, every noble Matis kept a hand pistol in his or her waistband. Light and precise, the pistol was also easy to use on a mektoub back. The Zorais preferred the bowrifle, which they posted strategically along the great wall and which allowed guards to reach an enemy at a fair distance. The Fyros strategy was to set their great launchers down to bombard the enemy before sending in the melee troops to finish the job. The Trykers, having developed the art of getting up close to the enemy, developed the bowpistol. Light and accurate, it allowed them a free hand for expressing silent orders behind enemy lines.

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